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Movie Trivia

  • What is the "Movie Trivia?"
  • "Movie Trivia" is a free, fun and easy trivia game with thousands of movie questions.

    You are asked 10 random questions varying in difficulty. When finished you are given your Trivia IQ. How well can you do? Play it Now!
  • How do I play "Movie Trivia?"
  • Select "Movie Fun" from the top navigation bar
  • Is Movie Trivia free?
  • Yes. "Movie Trivia" is free for anyone to play.
  • How often can I play?
  • With over 1000 random questions and answers you can play as long and often as you like.
  • How do you score "Movie Trivia?"
  • The trivia answers are scored on the difficulty of the question. Each question has a difficulty level of Hard, Moderate, or Easy. Based on the number and difficulty of the questions you answer correctly you are given your Movie IQ.
  • Can I win anything?
  • No. "Movie Trivia" is for entertainment only.
  • Why should I play?
  • Because it's FUN!